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Gen Mai Cha
If you are looking for a true conversation starter this tea is just for you!  It’s a light, golden yellow liquor with a unique, toasty rice flavor.  The rice is roasted and then popped and it will get everyone around the table talking! Small Batch Blended and hails from the Zhejiang Province in China.  Offers a High Antioxidant Level and low caffeine content.  Best steeped for 3-7 minutes at a Temperature of 90C, 194F.


Yerba Mate
Greenish and vegetative. This Brazilian Green Mate is rich in caffeine and was used as a caffeine beverage in Latin America before the advent of coffee. Try with Lemon or mint added. It offers a very high Antioxidant Level and a medium caffeine content.  Steep 3-7 minutes at a temperature of 100C, 212F.



Jasmine Haiku Green

A soothing and peaceful green tea with surprising body and a captivating floral character. Jasmine blossoms picked only in May when they are in bloom accentuate this tea giving an intense aroma.  From the Fujian Province in China this high antioxidant tea is best steeped 3-7 minutes at a temperature of 90C, 194F.

Strawberry Sencha
The smell of fresh picked strawberries round out an exceptionally smooth green tea.  Papaya and strawberry pieces layer this Sencha which is made to Japanese specifications.  High in Antioxidants this tea also makes for a wonderful iced tea perfect for back porch rocking. Steep 3-7 minutes at a temperature of 194F.

Organic Cherry Blossom
Once you breathe in this Organic Cherry Blossom Green Tea‬ you will be mesmerized by its aroma. This green tea will go on your daily list of teas. We like it right after dinner with dessert. It's also great source of‪ antioxidants‬ which studies have shown to lower the risk of heart disease and help decrease blood pressure. (*Ask your doctor) It’s fresh, smooth, mild and flavorful.  Steep 3-7 minutes (we prefer at least 6 minutes) at a temperature of 90C, 194F.


SmarTea Green
Need a jumpstart to your day?  

This Organic Green Tea is full of Hibiscus which is chock-full of Vitamin C.

It’s a wonderful mental stimulant and will get your brain geared up.  

Kick back with a cup, a pen and a stack of Sudoko.

Steep 3-7 minutes at a temperature of 100C, 212F.


Rosemary Rumba

Organic Green Tea, Rosemary & Citrus are the ingredients that make up this Super Food Combo! This refreshing cuppa pine-like aroma teamed up with brisk, crisp China green tea and a touch of sun-kissed citrus is chock-full of healthy goodness. Delicious served hot or chilled. Steep 3-7 minutes at a temperature of 100C, 212F.



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