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Jasmine & Orange Blossom 

Making a great brisk afternoon tea this Jasmine & Orange Oolong has a wonderful orange citrus taste and fruity jasmine petals combine spectacularly with the earthy oolong.  It’s also part of the Ethical Tea Partnership which works to improve tea sustainability, the lives of tea workers and the tea environment where grown. This tea has a high antioxidant level, medium caffeine content and is best enjoyed when the leaves are briefly infused with hot water at 90C, 194F, which is then poured off. The tea is then re-infused and tea is poured to the guests after about 1 minute. The leaves may be re-infused many times, with each resulting infusion yielding different liquor from the proceeding cup.  Steeping can range from 3-7 minutes depending on your preference.  Studies suggest that drinking oolong teas could aid in reducing body fat and preventing obesity, clearer skin, strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay and relieve stress.

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