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Sun kissed lemons invigorate this happy tea from Cederberg, South Africa. Simply wonderful hot or iced and dressed with a slice of lemon. Makes a great Iced Tea. This rooibos is filled with calendula petals, lemongrass leaves and is a caffeine free herb.  Steep 3-7 minutes at a temperature of 212F.  

Roma Organic Rooibos
An enchanting Organic Certified Herbal Tea that will take you to the streets of Roma to breathe in the freshly picked lavender.  You’ll be relaxed with the fruity ripe berry notes that balance nicely with mild lavender, elderberry, rosehip, and blueberry.  This tea is great for soothing headaches, disturbed sleeping patterns and digestive problems. It’s an exceptional tea that is part of the Ethical Tea Partnership.  Pairs nicely with Milk and Sugar added and has a medium antioxidant level.  Best steeped 3-7 minutes at a temperature of 100c, 212F.  

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