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Coconut & Mango Colada

Each afternoon I start hitting a downward slump as many of us surely do! Running around the house making sure all three kids are taken care of can sure drain some energy. So today during my normal afternoon tea time and quiet break, I picked up my bag of Coconut & Mango Colada and brewed up a big batch to get me back on track. If you have not tried this loose leaf tea I would highly recommend it to you because it is just so good. If you love coconut like I do then this is the black tea for you! We have a fragrance tester filled with a sampling of the loose leaves of this tea at Picket Fence Interiors & Gifts if you wanted to drop by and see if its your cup of tea. The smell will take you right to the tropics! I decided that some local honey and a little snack of cherries would be the perfect treat!

Coconut & Mango Colada Black Tea

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