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Too much sun and water?

So it never fails, someone in our household usually comes down with some type of a summer cold. I blame it all on having too much fun at the pool! There is usually a cough, sore throat or a little stuffy nose. Nothing serious but a little comfort drink in the form of tea is always a nicely added treat! Here are some teas that I would recommend that we have in stock!

Here's a quick list of teas that will help you feel a little better. As always, if you are looking to sweeten the teas add a little local honey!

Black Tea Spicy Ginger Peach Tiger Peach Chai Cheeky Chai Tisane Grace & Beauty Waterfront View Rooibos Ginger Rooibos Sunbeam Rooibos

Enjoy your tea and hope you all feel better soon!

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