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We love to hear feedback about our teas and one thing we've been hearing a lot is that you want to try all of our teas but you can only do so many at a time. So we've came up with a solution to offer you more of what YOU want. We call them "Tea Teasers" and we have started off with a variety of our most popular teas we offer. We are super busy creating more combinations for you but currently we are now offering three different packages. Choose from these Tea Teasers: Rooibos, Summer Blend and Green.


With each of these you get 20 cups of tea and get to sample five of our teas in each bundle. If you are a re-steeper like we are then you can double the cups of tea making around 40 cups.

Firecracker Sale


Also, another great deal is that if you are just starting out with tea you can now take advantage of our Firecracker Sale which is good through Friday, July 2014 at Picket Fence Interiors & Gifts. The sale offers two Tea Teasers and a ceremic teapot for $34. This will get you 10 different teas to try and a teapot to brew until your heart's content!

So go and start your #teaadventure today!

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