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Making big plans

This time of year as we move into the lazy days of summer they become the best times for sippin' on tea and day dreaming of what is to come.

We've been working hard to get our new teas lined up for you and we are very excited about what is to be offered next.

Today, we took time to sample some of our new teas.

One thing that we always do is taste what is offered to you before we sell it. If we don't like it, then we know you will not either and that is just not okay with us. Plus, sampling is a ton of fun, so we love this part of our job!

Here's an upclose shot of a new rare tea we will be offering soon. We love that our tea adventure just keeps getting more fun. Expanding into new teas and sampling the best of the best is a lot of fun.

As always, we hope you are enjoying our teas and we'd love to hear about your tea adventure!

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