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Cold Brews

It's been so hot and humid here in Asheboro, North Carolina that we've been cold brewing our teas each night for the next day. The kids are loving all the fruit teas we've been making (especially the ones that turn out pink). It's so easy and effortless and only takes a little while to do! Here's a little introduction to cold brewing. 1. Cold-brewed teas taste sweet and smooth.This is because cold water extracts a different chemical balance from the tea than hot water. This makes for fewer catechins and less caffeine. The reducution in catechins and caffeine drops out the bitterness.

2. It’s super hot outside. They’re cold, refreshing and you don't need heat to make these!

3. Cold brewing is a new way to enjoy your go to favorite teas. As much as you love your favorite teas hot, it's time to try spice it up and try the same tea a different way! For all you will love matching your teas to your menu. These can also be spiced up with spirits and infused with fruit!

4. Cold-brewed teas are safer than sun-brewed teas.Unlike sun tea, cold-brewed tea does not encourage the growth of potentially dangerous bacteria. One caveat for cold brewing: pu-erh and non-tea “teas” or tea-blend ingredients, like dried flowers, fruit or herbs, need a quick rinse of boiling water before you brew.

Now let's get started!

GALLON CONTAINER–Grab a gallon container with a lid to secure.

ADD TEA–Add 1 teaspoon per 8 oz. of water...making a gallon that's 16 teaspoons.

ADD WATER & EXTRAS–Fill with cold filtered water to desired amount you'd like to coldbrew. Would you like to add a little more punch? Add fruit to compliment your tea of choice. For example, we love to brew our Pineapple Papaya Green Tea with freshly sliced pineapple and papaya added. This helps to bring out the tea flavors even more! Get creative and have fun!

WAIT–Now for the hardest part...waiting. Refrigerate overnight. Longer time extracts stronger flavor and more caffeine. White teas will brew the quickest, followed by green teas and twisted/flat oolongs, allow most time for rolled oolongs, pu-erhs, herbal infusions and black teas. I usually make ours right before bed for an overnight brewtime!

SERVE–Strain, serve and enjoy your cold brew tea!

It's so easy! Now, go and grab some of our teas and you'll be on your way to starting your TEA ADVENTURE!

Here's some of our favorite cold brews. Pineapple Papaya Plum-Tastic Oh, Baby Baby O'Malley's Escape Pear Perfect Rosemary Rumba Cherry Blossom

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